We, AI Labs, develop innovative artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions that revolutionize industries. Machines that can see: We pack our solutions in small yet intelligent devices that can be easily integrated to your existing data flow. Computer vision for everyone: Our devices can recognize faces, estimate age and gender, classify clothing types and colors, identify everyday objects and detect motion. Technical consultancy: We help you identify use cases of artificial intelligence and computer vision in your industry. Artificial intelligence is the technology of today, not the future.

DoDo by AI Labs

Coming soon! DoDo by AI Labs

Set reminders and add events to your calendar by talking to a bot right on Whatsapp with DoDo by AI Labs. Get notifications right on time and never miss your ToDo's again. DoDo is smart enough to understand you and schedule notifications for your routines. More info soon...


We compress large intelligence into tiny things.

We make it possible!

We come up with great ideas that bring solutions to challenging real world problems that are normally deemed to be not that possible. Here's the motto: Don't follow innovations, make innovations! This is the art.

We make it work!

We set up a hypothesis based on our educated guess, test it in experiments and learn from failures until it really works. Never give up! this is the science.

We make it optimized!

We make use of advanced techniques to acheve high-performance computing on tiny machines that is needed by large intelligence in deep learning. Always think something better might be out there! This is the engineering.




MonReader is a new mobile document digitalization experience for the blind, for researchers and for everyone else in need for fully automatic, highly fast and high-quality document scanning in bulk. It is composed of a mobile app and all the user needs to do is flip pages and everything is handled by MonReader: it detects page flips from low-resolution camera preview and takes a high-resolution picture of the document, recognizing its corners and crops it accordingly, and it dewarps the cropped document to obtain a bird's eye view, sharpens the contrast between the text and the background and finally recognizes the text with formatting kept intact, being further corrected by MonReader's ML powered redactor. 


MonSight is a wearable assistive technology device for the blind. A mini camera mounted on a pair of glasses transmits video stream to the main board, which can process video frames with artificial intelligence techniques to produce audable notifications for the user. Current capabilities of the device include accurate and efficient object detection, face detection, trainable face recognition, scene text recognition, and a special algorithm to map arbitrary images to sounds.


Monatis is a set of AI models for efficient and accurate face recognition, age and gender estimation, and emotion recognition from faces in images and camera streams. We developed innovative techniques and optimized the whole pipeline to run smoothly even on modest hardware with high performance and accuracy. These models might be deployed collectively or individually to gather statistics or tighten the security so long as to abide by the legal and ethical considerations.


MonTongue is a set of NLP and NLU models, tools and utilities primarily to help machines better understand Turkish. These goodies are powered by innovative techniques developed with the quite challenging Turkish morphology in consideration. We mostly deploy them in our friendly chat bots and automatic information extraction pipelines, an so can you.