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What We Do

We, AI Labs, develop innovative artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions that revolutionize industries.

Machines that can see: We pack our solutions in small yet intelligent devices that can be easily integrated to your existing data flow.

Computer vision for everyone: Our devices can recognize faces, estimate age and gender, classify clothing types and colors, identify everyday objects and detect motion.

Technical consultancy: We help you identify use cases of artificial intelligence and computer vision in your industry. Artificial intelligence is the technology of today, not the future.

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AI Labs create artificial intelligence for the retail, industry and individuals...


The solutions we produce for your needs provide great experiences.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

We develop AI solutions and computer vision applications with deep learning in particular. We offer the optimum solution by cooperating and collaborating in all stages of the development process, such as data collection, data cleaning, training of the AI model, optimization for deployment and integration with the code.

Deep Learning and Computer Vision Training

We provide training on deep learning and computer vision for groups of minimum 5 people and maximum 20 people, at levels of starter, intermediate and advanced.Contact us for more information.

Technical Consultancy

We help you identify what technologies your new entrepreneurship will require, and prepare project documents to materialize your innovative ideas. We also help you identify, assess and evaluate the required technical qualifications of your candidates in your hiring processes.

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Products & Projects

Face Recognition Solutions

Face Recognition Solutions

We provide a highly accurate and en-to-end face recognition solution for your needs. You can either choose to integrate it with your existing surveillance cameras or use our in-house developed device.

If you are in the retail industry, you can acquire statistics such as male / female ratio of customers, number of customers based on age and gender, clothing type and/or color as well as time and frequency of their visits according to any of the above criteria

If you are in the security industry, or if you have an important place which should be kept secure, you can also use our face recognition system to control who's coming in or going out. Furthermore, you can group face images in long video recordings based on their identity --or any criteria you specified-- thanks to our face clustering technology.



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MonSight is a wearable assistive technology device for the blind. A mini camera mounted on a pair of glasses transmits video stream to the main board, which can process video frames with artificial intelligence techniques to produce audable notifications for the user. Current capabilities of the device include accurate and efficient object detection, face detection, trainable face recognition, scene text recognition, and a special algorithm to map arbitrary images to sounds. This project has been chosen as first-place winner of Hacettepe Hamle Innovation Contest, High Tech Category in 2017, and is funded by Scientific and Research Council Of Turkey (TÜBİTAK BİGG).


  • Coming Soon
SAĞ-GÖRÜ: Computer Vision for Healthcare

Sağ-Görü: Computer Vision for Healthcare

We develop a special artificial intelligence model that can be efficiently trained for diagnosis of diseases through microbiology and radiology images. The solution we developed with artificial intelligence techniques was first trained with microscope and radiology images used for diagnosis of malaria and pneumonia with an accuracy rate of over 98% achieved. Within the second round of this project, it is planned to develop artificial intelligence solution for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and sickle cell anemia. When we increase the number of diseases that can be recognized by our models, which are efficient enough to run even in a mobile application on smartphones despite their high accuracy, We will shorten a period that can take weeks when performed by the health personnel with different expertise to a time that is expressed in seconds. Thereby while increasing the efficiency of health institutions, we will facilitate and spread the access to quality health services for everyone.


  • Further data collection and R&D.

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